Full Rack

What do you get?

Our standard Full Rack option is a complete 42u rack with up to 32 Amps of power, a single PDU and power feed and free multi homed bandwidth over a 100Mbps, 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps burstable connection.

But we know for most people ‘standard’ isn’t enough which is why we offer flexible solutions according to your requirements.
Need more power? Not a problem.

For clients with power hungry SANS and blade servers we can give you a special high density rack with up to 32Amps of power. Need a Gig of connectivity? No problem. With our dedicated fiber network we can give you that much bandwidth (and more if you want) plus because it’s multihomed there’s resilience built in. Need 20 racks in a caged area? You get the idea.

We haven’t yet come across a client requirement that we couldn’t fulfill, but we always welcome the challenge.  Give us a call for a guided tour of the data center and a chat about your needs.

Technical Specification: 42u Rack

WIDTH: 600mm
DEPTH: 1000mm
POWER CAPACITY: 4 to 32 Amps with optional diverse power feeds
POWER DELIVERY: 24 or 42 port APC power bars with optional remote management
Full Rack Features:
  • Upto 32 Amps Power
  • APC Ports Available
  • Option of a private subnet
  • IP Transit 1000 Mbps
  • Upto CDR 1000 Mbps
  • Network Uptime 99.9999%
  • Power Uptime 100%
  • Inclusive Remote Hands 15 mins/day
  • Dedicated Account Manager