Have you got an animal to keep in a cage?

If you’ve got more than 4 racks and you need that little bit of extra security for your critical equipment (or just to sleep better at night) then you may be interested in the option of a dedicated NetPrecept cage. These provide an additional layer of security in the form of robust, metal caging that segregates your equipment from the rest of the data floor.

As standard, all our cages come with a unique self-locking sliding door which only you and your staff have access to from our secure key safe. For those who want a more ‘James Bond’ style setup, you can opt for a dedicated biometric authentication system on your dedicated cage area. You can even store spare parts and other tools in your caged area to save you having to bring them on every visit.

To get to your equipment in our data center you need to pass through the main security gate, CCTV, security guard, biometrics authentication, access card systems and still have the correct combination pin to open the door to your rack!

But nothing says ‘secure’ more than encompassing your racks in a metal cage or building your own dedicated room. We can do both.

Enterprise Colocation

Our Data Centers enterprise colocation solutions are set up for businesses that need 10 full racks or more. For further information continue reading here.

Cage Features:
  • Enhanced Data Center Security
  • Scalable To Any Size
  • Inclusive IPS 128
  • IP Transit 1000 Mbps
  • Tier CDR Rate
  • Network Uptime 99.9999%
  • Power Uptime 100%
  • Inclusive Remote Hands 15 mins/day
  • Dedicated Account Manager