Colocation Rackspace 1U

Colocation Rackspace 1U


  • Up to 2 Amps Power
  • Ports APC 1
  • Inclusive IPS 2
  • IP Transit 1000 Mbps
  • Inclusive CDR 1 Mbps
  • Network Uptime 99.9999%
  • Power Uptime 100%
  • Inclusive Remote Hands 15 mins/day
  • Dedicated Account Manager
Colocation and colocation hosting comes in many forms – from 1U single servers and appliances to whole racks and even suites on the data floor. Not all colocation is equal – ensure you pick the right home for your colocated servers as a poor initial choice could cost you severely in the future and cheap server colocation will be cheap for a reason, why risk your business?

Our data centres provide a fully ISO accredited, robust and tightly secure environment to colocate your servers. Highly resilient, fully redundant fire suppression, backup power systems, totally secure and managed by fully qualified staff who are on-site 24/7 x365 – we aim to meet all requirements.

Avoid the mistake of choosing cheap server colocation only then to have to another more robust facility as your business grows. Our colocation prices are hugely competitive in the market and come with safe with the knowledge that your servers will never need a new home. All the regulatory requirements are in place for you to win hosting contracts with even the most stringent of datacentre requirements.

So you’re ready for the first step in the expansion process with our 1U colocation package?

Contact us and speak with one of our dedicated account managers who can help make the right choice for you and also plan the move.