Rack Space


Private Racks
Remote Hands


  • Up to 32 Amps Power
  • Multiple Ported APC Bars
  • Upto 128 IPS
  • Diverse IP Transit Feeds



24hr Onsite Support
Private Sub Net


  • 32+ Amps Power
  • APC Bars
  • Large IP Block (or own subnet)
  • Transit (up to 10Gbps)



Parts Swap Scheme
Access to Build Room


  • Purpose Built
  • Lockable Racks/Cages
  • Secure Enclosure
  • Dual Fibre Feeds


What is Rack Space?

Rack Space is a term used when you place your hardware servers in one of our datacenters for which we then provide power and a network connection. You may have up to 11 units with us.

If applicable, we can also provide other shared infrastructure features that you require (vLANs, SAN storage and so forth).

How does it work?

In principle it’s very simple, we provide instructions on how to configure and where to send your servers. Once they arrive we plug them in and cable up, and then you’re away!

You’re more than welcome to visit the datacentre with your equipment and plug it into the rack yourself.

How much do I need?

You can choose a variety of sizes, depending on what suits your requirements.

Whether it’s a full rack, multiple racks or part rack, the level of commitment from us to you is the same. We offer a high density and resilient service to ensure you get what you need to help your company grow.

All our racks can be locked to ensure your safe and your data is kept private to you and your clients.

What are the benefits?

If you own perfectly good hardware, it doesn’t always make sense to rent from a service provider. You can deposit any number of devices that are required in our datacentre like routers, switches, SANs, firewalls, load balancers – absolutely anything! And, as the hardware is your property you’re welcome to come and collect it anytime you wish.

Mix devices with dedicated appliances

If you have bespoke satellite receivers for example that you provided yourself, place those in your rack and attach them to all your other equipment in any of racks you have with us.

What are the drawbacks?

We won’t automatically replace any of the components in the event of a failure as the hardware is owned by you. Therefore you can either buy the replacement components from us (we can fit them if needed) or come and swap out any faulty parts yourself. We do however endeavour to assist you in doing this in a quick and orderly fashion to ensure that any downtime is kept to minimum.

Take advantage of our flexible pricing structure

You can plan ahead and take advantage of our flexible pricing structure at any time which enables you to place additional credit into your account (prior to any event of failure). So if you do experience equipment failure any costs can be deducted from that balance if you so choose to.

CDR – High Bandwidth

We cater for high bandwidth requirements on a usage or CDR (Committed Data Rate) basis. Where you would gauge what you need and pay for in relation to that calculation.

For instance if you needed 300GB per month in Transit which equates to roughly 9.57 Mbps which is pro-rated over the whole month 24/7 but need to be able to burst up to 1000 Mbps.

That is what you would pay for with the ability to move between CDR packages or upgrade should you feel the need at any time to suit you.

Also if you need to upgrade to fibre and buy transit at even a cheaper rate per MB this is also an option which compares to the same way you would purchase a mobile phone tariff to include more for less should you break it down per Mbps.

Network Benefits
  • IPv4 and IPv6 supported (dual stack)
  • Multiple tier-1 carriers and peering exchanges
  • Fully-resilient Cisco ASR based network
  • Over 90 Gbps of current network capacity
  • 99.999% uptime SLA
  • Dark fibre between sites
  • Fast, high capacity bandwidth from multiple providers
Managed Services & Premium Support
  • 1 Hour turn around on support tickets
  • Email/SMS alerts
  • 24/7 Monitoring of server metrics
  • Proactive Server Updates
  • Hardware Upgrades
  • Complete Server Rebuilds