Take control of your services, keep an eye on what’s important to your business.

Up/down status testing for HTTP(s) servers.
Track your sites from anywhere on any mobile device.
Privacy Check
Ensures that WordPress is not blocking search engines from indexing your site.
Email Notifications
Receive automated emails to preferred contacts when your sites have problems.
SMS Notifications
Alerts sent via SMS text message when sites go down or up.
RSS Feed Check
Ensures your RSS feed is current and resolving properly.
Ping Checking
Check the up/down status of any device that responds to pings.
Keyword Search Checking
Checking of your website content for user-specified keywords.
WP Update Check
Is your site up to date? Easily see which of your sites need updates.
SMTP Server Checking
Up/down status testing for mail servers.
Checks from US & UK
Website monitoring from locations in North America and in Europe.
Unlimited Email Alerts
Receive site status notifications directly in your inbox.