Our Network

We Are Fast!

Our data centre provider has been independently rated as the fastest network in the UK, and one of the top five fastest networks in Europe. We are exceptionally careful when choosing our connectivity partners as these choices are not only vital to us but for our clients too.

Our connectivity provider boasts 92,000 Mbit/s of external network connectivity through Teleglobe, Tiscali, Interoute and LINX. With over 200 peering sessions and the latest generation of Cisco hardware, you can be confident you are on a quality network offering the highest level of reliability.

Piece Of Mind
  • 24 Hour Security Coverage
  • 24 Hour Network & Server Monitoring
  • Multiple Fibre Connections for Ultimate Resilience
  • Smoke detection With Alarm, Gas & Fire Suppression System
  • Fully Resilient, Eco Friendly Air Conditioning

We are plugged into some of the major global leaders in fibre directly, with the ability to globally peer to almost every major city in the EU, USA, Canada and the Far East.

We are always looking to expand our network even further to ensure that we stay competitive.

IP Transit

IP transit is essentially the connection to deliver IP traffic from your servers to the rest of the internet or in other words it is your internet connection within a data centre.