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503 Service Temporarily Unavailable?

HTTP error 503 – Service unavailable. Most of us came across this error. Error 503
happens because of large number of requests on the server at a given time. It is a
server side error means nothing’s wrong with your computer, it’s all about web server.

The web server is simply not available for your request so it shows error 503.
Sometimes some popular, bigger websites links to smaller websites causing a large
amount of traffic flowing to the smaller one. Which causes improper working of its
web server. The slowdown of web server due to sudden and unexpected heavy traffic.

This is known as Slashdot effect.
This error 503 can be avoided by vAC software. vAC is load balancing software. The
vAC works on web server to manage the traffic that is coming towards it. vAC queues
all the traffic so that server can respond to each request and so there will be no server
overloading error. So now it’s easy to have an error free server with vAC software.
Your customers will never see any more error 503’s if you have vAC protecting,

503 Service Unavailable – The server is currently unavailable (because it is overloaded or down for maintenance). “Generally”, this is a temporary state, except if you’re protected with vAC.